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What's this whole cowboy church thing about?



If I'm not a cowboy or cowgirl, can I still come? Absolutely! Although many cowboys, cowgirls, and other horse enthusiasts attend Cowboy Church, our members come from every background and walk of life. If you would rather wear jeans than dress up, if you like rubbing elbows with plain down-to-earth people, and if you want clear, simple sermons you can actually understand, you will love Cowboy Church. If you're looking for a place to be accepted just the way you are, we're happy to have you walk in the door.


What's the difference between cowboy church and regular church? We strip down the fancy stuff and keep things simple. There's no need for your "Sunday best" at Cowboy Church. Just get your morning chores done and come straight from the barn to our metal building to meet more down-to-earth people.


Do you have children's church?

We do have "The Loft" where the kids 8 and under can optionally go for children's church during the service.


Who is accountable for the spiritual guidance of the church?

The pastor and elders guide the spiritual leadership. The lay pastors and teams manage the rest of the organizational things.
















The Bible the inspired word of God.


God exists in three persons- God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


Jesus is God’s son who was sent into the world to live a perfect life and die on the cross to save men from their sins.


People are saved by grace alone, through faith in Jesus Christ.


Baptism is the public profession of faith in Jesus Christ by the immersion of water, thus symbolizing the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.


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At a Sunday Cowboy Church service, the music has a country twang, the preacher wears a cowboy hat and boots (as do many of the people), and the setting where we meet will always be simple. Baptisms are done in a water trough. The sermons are easy to understand and usually include some sort of crazy cowboy story.


Our church outreach activities are rodeos, Church in the Dirt, ropings, to name a few.


At Cowboy Church, we certainly don't expect perfection. We are a group of plain old folks who come as we are to worship the Lord and learn about how a relationship with Jesus can change our lives.


The cowboy church movement began around 2010 in Texas and now spreads all over the United States.


Cross Creek Cowboy Church is a member of the American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches and the Baptist Association of Greater Baton Rouge.


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