Teams make things happen at Cross Creek.


Josh Morris - 225-721-0333

Elders (Church spiritual leadership)

Josh Morris - 225-721-0333

Eugene Morris - 225-278-4541

Joe Lamb - 225-939-5228


Facilities Team Leader (Building and land)
Eugene Morris - 225-278-4541

Chuckwagon team (Concessions and Food)

Karen Musselman 225-278-1622


Marketing Team (Facebook page, website, brochures, advertising)
Tara Morris - 225-721-1313


Admin Assistant

Brandi Babin - 225-715-4912

Arena team  (Plans and executes outreach events outside the church, such as rodeos, ropings, and other events) 

Audit (finance) team Leader
Chad Jeansonne  - 225-573-0387

Music (band) 
Sal Yenni - 985-351-4593

Talkers (greeting, welcoming people)
Chad Jeansonne - 225-573-0387

Buckaroos (children 8 and under)
Debi Morris - 225-247-9141

Youth Ministry (ages 9-18)

Josh Stevens - 225-276-1424

Care Team

Rusti Parrish - 225-907-6091

How the teams make decisions.

Anyone can help out on a team, and each team will have up to 5-7 consensus-making representatives who are members of the church. When making decisions for the church, the team representatives should always keep in mind these five C's:

Is it Christ-centered?

Is it Cost-effective?

Is it Culturally Relevant (cowboy)?

Can the team representatives reach Consensus on this decision?

Is it Constitutional?