Cross Creek Cowboy Church

About Us

About Us

Cross Creek Cowboy Church officially launched on March 24, 2013. It began as a small in-home bible study with a few families who lived "across the creek" from each other in the country. Our pastor is Josh Morris, but more importantly, our people who come here are all messed up, broken people with everyday problems.

We have several teams to help with needs of the church.

Chuckwagon team (concessions and food)- Brandi Babin & Tara Morris (co-leaders)
Marketing Team (facebook page, brochures, advertising) - Tara Morris (leader), Lynne Morris, Calvin Mitchell
Arena team- (arena events, outreach activities)- Adam Babin and Sal Yenni (co-leaders)
Financial team- Brandi Babin (leader)
Music (band)- Tara Morris (leader), Sal Yenni, Lynne Morris, Calvin Mitchell
Youth- Rivers Bates (leader)
Talkers (greeting, welcoming people)- Calvin Mitchell (leader)

Teams that are in progress of being built up:
Facility team (grounds, grass, setup, tent)
Buckaroos (children)

"If hospitals are here to heal, why are they filled with sick people? Church is the same way- it should be full of broken, busted up, messed up, imperfect people." paraphrased from Annie Grace Wilkinson
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